The Westport July 4th Parade

We’re not sure exactly when the parade started, but back in the day it would lineup on Rt. 88, near Hotel Hill, begin at 9 AM at the Westport Point United Methodist church and proceed North on Main Road. It would regroup at Perry’s Bakery and re-start at 10 AM, still proceeding North.

For a few years it ended at the Westport Landing at the Head, then it ended at the Westport High School.

The Westport Fire Department and Lions Club ran the parade in the early years. The Fire Department took it over in the 90’s, and it was organized by Westport Fire Fighter, Lieutenant Dan Ledeux. Lt. Ledeux ran the Parade for 15 years with his tenure ending in 2011.

In 2012, life-long Westport resident, David Palmer, reached out and volunteered to take over the reigns. In three short month’s, he and a small group of town residents and business owners came together, raised money, formed the Westport Fourth of July Parade Committee Inc., acquired Insurance, etc. and under the direction of Dan, they held their first Parade on July 4th, 2012. The weather was perfect and everything went as planned.

Every year since, the parade has had more participants from floats, antique cars, and tractors. 2015 was our largest parade ever.